Our solutions address two major lines of business: Network Management Solutions and After Sales Operations Solutions for motor vehicles and equipment manufacturers and their suppliers.

Network Management Solutions

Dealer Development function in a company is about developing and improving the overall effectiveness of a franchise network. We offer solutions that can help OEMs track and analyze their network performance, maintain a comprehensive dealer database to manage all dealership related information, manage the documentation involved in various dealer actions and for carrying out period surveys and assessments for dealer facilities and processes. All these solutions help a company closely monitor their franchise network and improve the overall effectiveness of their franchise.

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After Sales Operations Solutions

In After Sales Operations Solutions, we offer a set of solutions that help OEMs transact with their dealers. These transaction solutions allow OEMS and their dealers collaborate in warranty claims processes and parts ordering processes. Our solutions also allow OEMs to track service requests, share documentation and manage campaign related information with their dealers. Leveraging the warranty claims and other service transactions, we are able to help automotive and motor vehicle companies submit their quarterly TREAD Act compliance reports to NHTSA.

For more proactive After Sales Operations Solutions, we offer a comprehensive and innovative Field Operations and Dealer Contact Solution that helps companies keep track of their day to day interactions with their dealers. 

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